Are you bored with your daily meal routines and want to try something new, that’s healthy yet mouth watering?

So, you guys must be wondering, what this dish is called?.. Well this, very amazing dish is called “Pork Tibetan Shyapta”.. This Authentic delicacy from China contains a bowl full of happiness (Rice served with hot, spicy pork chilly and pork momos, which is accompanied by a cup of vegetable soup and sour & spicy sauce).

This is really a bliss. Last week was really very tiring for me. After a month of constant work and traveling, I really needed a break and what can be better than Starting your vacation with some inexplicably good Chinese delicacy!

About the dish: The pork was perfectly cooked and was tossed with onions, garlic leaves, capsicum, garlic, chillies and tomato sauce (which gave it a sweet and tangy flavour). The soup was very refreshing and gave a mixed flavour of the vegetables it was cooked with.

About the Cuisine: This is from one of the most beautiful and authentic Chinese cuisines in Kolkata “Momo I am”, I highly recommend this place. Not only the food but the interior of this place is also very pleasing and relaxing, with an overall Chinese decor. So, if you are also having a tiresome week, you must visit this place and try the best of Chinese foods. And not to forget, the way they serve the bill will amaze you, (this is what you can find only in authentic Chinese cuisines) though I’m not going to disclose it now, let it be a surprise for you when you visit the place.

Portion Size: Enough for two people

Rating: 5/5 (*****)

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